Attend a Conference


How to attend a conference5 Things to Know Before Getting Started:


  1. All attendees must report request approval to attend an event - If you do not request approval to attend before the event is locked, you may not be allowed to attend.
  2. Some events lock attendance early Larger events, or foreign events can lock months in advance of the start date.
  3. Request approval to attend early Because events may lock early, you need to request early to maximize your chances of securing your slot. Even if you are not absolutely sure, you should request if there is a possibility that you might attend.  Requesting approval is not a commitment to attend or spend funds.
  4. You cannot spend funds until the event is DOE approved or approval is not required Conference Services will issue the go-ahead through Division Points of Contact (POC) to notify you when you may book travel and pay registration.
  5. You do not need to request approval of your event attendance if you are not using any DOE funds. An example would be if you use Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) funds to entirely fund your attendance. Note: Certain events are exempt from reporting. See Meetings that are Exempt from Conference Reporting


To Attend an Event, Follow These Steps:


For all who attend events outside the Lab, we strongly recommend that you read and familiarize yourself with the Attend an Event section of the Lab's Events & Meals Policy. It provides important guidance regarding your role and responsibilities in requesting approval to attend and event.


  • Contact your Division's Point of Contact (POC) to begin the attend an event approval process.  Each division has their own internal process for requesting approval to Conference Services. Your Division POC coordinates event attendance approval activities for your division.
  • Using your division's process, provide the following information:
  • Official name of the event
  • Event location
  • Event dates
  • Conference description and conference website URL (if a website does not exist, an invitation letter to the attendee with event details can be submitted)
  • Travel and registration costs
  • Role in the conference (Presenter, participant, affiliate, etc.)
  • Conference Services will determine the applicable approval steps based on:
  • Whether the event is DOE or non-DOE-sponsored
  • Whether the event is exempt from reporting
  • Total net DOE costs of the event
  • Total Laboratory costs


If approval is not required, Conference Services will provide the Division’s POC with direction to notify the attendee it is OK participate in the event.


  • If approval is required, Conference Services will coordinate approval with DOE. 
  • Travel and Registration
  • Approved attendees may book travel and registration.
  • Attendees must ensure that travel arrangements (e.g., airfare/transportation, lodging, and meals) adhere to the requirements in the Laboratory's Travel Policy
  • Events held in a foreign location require a separate DOE approval for foreign travel. Approval for travel via the Foreign Travel Management System does not constitute DOE approval to attend or host an event or conference.