Attend a Conference


Is my conference reportable?

What is an Event?


Events include conferences, meetings, retreats, seminars, symposiums, or certain activities that include travel and:

  • Registration and/or registration fees
  • A published agenda
  • Scheduled speakers and/or panel discussions
  • Exhibitor and/or sponsorship fees


Individual events may qualify as conferences without meeting all of the key features listed above, but generally meet some of them.


Events, meetings and traveling where you are doing work (as opposed to sharing information) are not conferences. For example, if a staff is traveling to another lab to conduct an experiment or decide on how a DOE project should be managed, that is considered “work” and not a conference. 


Does My Event Require Approval to Attend? 


If your event meets the basic definition and criteria of an event as noted above, you will need to request approval to attend. The only exception to this is formal classroom training or events where attendance is entirely paid for using non-DOE funds. 


Within the DOE Guidance, there are exemptions noted for reporting of events or conferences to the DOE. For these events meeting the DOE criteria, Conference Services is not required to report attendance to the DOE. Conference Services still requires that divisions and/or attendees obtain Conference Services approval to attend. This is true even if events or conferences are exempt or were exempt in the past, Reporting is required so that Conference Services can ensure that the proper exemption determination is made. 


More information on DOE conference reporting exemptions can be found HERE. Note: In some cases, multiple criteria must be met for an event to be considered exempt. 



Attending Events held at Berkeley Lab or Locally: 


  • Lab employees attending an event that takes place at the Lab or locally and NO expenses or travel is incurred, do not need to report. 
  • Lab employees attending an event that takes place at the Lab or locally and DO incur expenses (generally a registration fee) are required to request approval to attend to their Division POC (Point of Contact). Click here for the list of POC’s