OSPIP Transition


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eSRA system implementation and oversight remains in OCFO but has moved to the Budget Office.



OSPIP Transitition to IPO & OCFO

Effective October 1, 2014 the pre-award contract management responsibilities of Office of Sponsored Projects & Industry Partnerships (OSPIP) were realigned to the Innovation and Partnerships Office (IPO) and OCFO Budget Office:


  • Non-Federal Sponsored Research (Non-Federal WFO, All CRADAs, All User Agreements, All Gifts) pre-award contract management responsibilities moved to the Innovation and Partnerships Office (IPO) from OSPIP.
  • Federal WFO and Management and Operating Contractor (Other DOE Labs) pre-award contract management responsibilities will stay within the OCFO but has moved to the Budget Office.
  • Contracting Officers (CO's) formerly with OSPIP habe been assigned to either IPO or OCFO.
  • New Contract Officer Assignments by Berkeley Lab Research Division can be found here.
  • A list of Frequently Asked Questions related to which office will handle different types of proposals or awards is found here.

  • IPO Website

  • OCFO Budget Office Website

  • Contract Officer Resources (Same information as previous OSPIP Internal Resources pages, but now in Google format.)