Annual Report


2017 Financial Annual ReportFY2018 financial results highlight a year of growth at the Lab under the leadership of Laboratory Director Michael Witherell and Deputy Lab Directors Horst Simon (Research) and Michael Brandt (Operations). The DOE continues to demonstrate its trust in the Lab to carry out its scientific mission through its continued investment in large-scale initiatives here.


Major scientific projects that are underway or will soon get underway include the Advanced Light Source Upgrade (ALS-U), Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), ESnet 6, Gamma-Ray Energy Tracking Array (GRETA), NERSC 9, and LUX (Large Underground Xenon)-ZEPLIN (ZonEd Proportional scintillation in Liquid Noble gases) (LZ).


Infrastructure investments include construction of the Integrative Genomics Building, which will be completed by mid-2019, and the renewal of many of the important infrastructure systems that make the scientific mission possible, such as the power and water systems. In addition, the cleanup of the Old Town and Bayview sites will position the Lab for future growth. To read more, download the FY2018 Annual Financial Report >>


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