Pre-award Contract Management

NIH Prior Approvals Required

Discuss plans with your NIH Program Official prior to the official process.


Refer to the 2003 Grants Policy Statement as modified by the 'Government-wide Research Terms and Conditions' and individual institute web pages for any additional specific requirements.


NIH requires certain changes be approved prior to their implementation.  Waiting to report these changes on the annual progress report does not constitute a prior approval for the previous year. 


NIH approval of a request may come in the form of a letter or a revision of the Notice of Grant Award.

Work may not begin under the change until written notification is received from NIH, and a new SPAA is issued by OSPIP.   


The information provided to NIH and to OSPIP differs depending on the type of change being requested.


The Contracts Officer will:

  • Endorse the request and forward it to the Grants Management Specialist and NIH Program Manager specified on the Notice of Grant Award. 
  • Distribute a copy of the endorsed request to the PI, Division Administration Staff, and the OSPIP file.
  • Receive the revised Notice of Award or written authorization from the Grants Management Specialist
  • Distribute the SPAA approving the change before implementation.