Request for Issuance of Check (eRFIC)


The starting point for any purchase of a good or service is always the Berkeley Lab Procurement website. The eRFIC process should only been used when it is determined that an established procurement channel is not appropriate.

Make a Purchase:


Make a Purchase”, on Procurement's website, outlines the Laboratory channels for procuring goods and services. These channels include:


  • eBuy
  • PCard
  • ePro


Purchasing Guide:


The Purchasing Guide is also available if you are unsure of how to proceed.


If none of the Procurement channels are appropriate and the following conditions are met, the use of the eRFIC process to request payment for goods and services is appropriate and reimbursable:


  • Goods or services not directly billable to the Laboratory on a purchase order, or obtainable through eBuy, B2B, or the Division PCard programs
  • Purchase is consistent with Berkeley Lab's Cost Allowability policy requirements, which require that costs incurred be both reasonable and allocable


Additional policy information on the eRFIC process is available in the Laboratory RPM
Please note that eRFIC purchases that could have been made using one of the procurement mechanisms may be considered an unauthorized commitment and are subject to Procurement Standard Practices Policy 1.3, Ratification of Unauthorized Commitments.


Create an eRFIC: