Student FICA Information


As a University of California (UC) student employed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (UC-LBNL) you are eligible to be exempt from Medicare (1.45%) and UCRS Defined Contribution Plan (7.5%) if you meet the following criteria: You are employed less than 32 hours a week at UC-LBNL AND As an undergraduate student, you are enrolled in a minimum of 6 units or as a graduate student, you are enrolled ½ time.



Campus Websites for Student Use:


Campus Calendar Website for Key Dates Documentation Website
UC Berkeley  UCB Academic Calendar  Bear Facts 
UC Davis  UCD Academic Calendar   MyUCDavis
UC Hastings College of the Law  UCH Academic Calendar   WebAdvisor
UC Irvine UCI Academic Calendar  Zot!Portal  
UC Los Angeles UCLA Academic Calendar MyUCLA
UC Merced  UCM Academic Calendar   MyUCMerced
UC Riverside UCR Academic Calendar Growl
UC Santa Barbara UCSB Academic Calendar    UCSB GOLD
UC Santa Cruz  UCSC Academic Calendar  MyUCSC
UC San Diego UCSD Academic Calendar MyTritonLink
UC San Francisco UCSF Academic Calendar  MyAccess


If you have any questions, please contact Rosario Sayson-Baraoidan at X6551 or [email protected].