Attend a Conference


The Department of Energy (DOE) has established requirements and guidelines for Laboratory participation in events. These requirements ensure good stewardship and appropriate use of federal funds. To comply, the Laboratory is required to:


  • Review participation by employees and non-employees (e.g., affiliates and guests) prior to the event

  • Ensure that approval and reporting is performed as required by DOE


Conference Services coordinates this process in partnership with Laboratory Divisions.

Attendees (employees and non-employee attendees [e.g., affiliates and guests]) may attend events that are directly and programmatically related to the Laboratory mission as defined in Contract 31, and that have been approved in accordance with Contract 31 and DOE guidance.


What is an Event?

Events include conferences, meetings, retreats, seminars, symposiums, or certain activities that include travel.


Is it reportable? How do I attend?

Does My Event Require Approval to Attend?


There are many kinds of events. What defines an event that is requires approval to attend? Which events are exempt from DOE reporting? Go HERE to find out.

Procedures for
Attending an Event


Go HERE to view the steps required for requesting approval to attend an event.