Plan/Host and Event

Off-site Meeting Planning Steps:


  • Review the Off-site Meeting Checklist as a guide to get started. Request a consultation from Conference Services; offsite events will most likely require sourcing for venues and one or more contracts. 


Note: Any site visits to determine or select an off-site meeting venue require that a Conference Services Planner be in attendance.


  • Event Approval: Enter your event into the Event Approval Database, before it occurs, for approval (You must complete the Event Database Training before you will be given access to use this tool). Please read the Events & meals policy for more specifics on submission timeframes.
  • Funding: Once you receive approval, proceed with the planning of your event. Be sure to work with your PI and/or Resource Analyst in securing funding.
  • Reporting: DOE requires that all Lab events be reported if total costs will exceed $100,000. Each division has a Point of Contact (POC) who manages all event submissions. Work with your division POC to have your event submitted for review by Conference Services.
  • Registration: If your event requires paid registration fees for your attendees, complete the Registration Website Request.


Note: If there will be a registration fee for attendees, you must also complete the Event Revenue Account Activity Request form before your website can be launched.


  • Receipt of Funds: If your event will be receiving funds by check or cash from sponsors or transferred funds from other labs or previous conference hosts, please complete the Conference Funds Deposit Form and email to [email protected] as soon as funds are expected and before they are received.
  • Event Close-out: The Division is responsible for closeout of the event within 90 days after the event is completed. Event Closeout includes:
  • Entering final costs in the Event Approval Database, to include an upload of detailed actual costs.
  • Uploading the final agenda and attendee list into the Event Approval Database.
  • For events exceeding $25,000 in total Laboratory costs, actual cost variances exceeding 10% of the budget must be explained in the Event Approval Database.
  • For food related vendor payments, complete the required Meal Eligibility Form and submit with your final attendee list with affiliations and invoice for payment via eRFIC.
  • Refer to the various forms and resources in this section for additional support in planning your event.